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Brain Disease Early Detection Benefits

One of the questions we hear most often is – Why early detect brain diseases when there is no cure? Glad you asked! Read on.

A Brief History

We’ve been officially at war with brain diseases for ages! How long?

  • Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) was named in 1976,
  • Alzheimer’s in 1906
  • Parkinson’s was in 1817

That’s over 200 years (or 8 generations if you’re into genealogy).

Of course, we’re not even counting the previous centuries when brain diseases namelessly devasted human lives.

So, have we been fighting hard?🤺

Research efforts so far


In 2019, the National Institute of Health (NIH) spent:

  • $66 million on LBD research
  • $224 million on Parkinson’s research
  • $2.4 billion (yes, with a “B”) on Alzheimer’s research 

Clinical Trials

As of April 2021, there have been:


  • 131 clinical trials in various stages


  • 2,574 clinical trials in various stages


  • 2,891 clinical trials in various stages

Bottom Line:

What did we get for our three decades of hard work and $100 billion in brain disease drug development?


We have no cure so far.

Not a single drug has passed FDA approval.

So, why aren’t we winning?

Here are 3 critical reasons:

  1. We only get to look at the brain disease when the patient shows symptoms. This is the late stage. Discover the benefits of treating the disease in the early stages. ⬇️
  2. The only samples scientists get to analyze are from cadavers. 😬
  3. So, we are left to reverse engineer the aftermath of destruction.

It’s like someone giving you a plate of crumbs, telling you they are the remnants of a quiche, and asking you how it was made.👩‍🍳

It boils down to this:

Up until now, scientists had no early intel!

To create a breakpoint, we desperately need a new paradigm.

Early detection is the pivot point

Big sky thinking

Let us paint a picture for you:

Imagine a cloudless summer night. You take a Jeep off-road, away from the city, and then turn off the engine. You gaze heavenward.  The starry sky is breathtakingly clear. 🌌

Now, compare what you see with the astonishing elements the Hubble detects looking at the same section of space. 🔭

The difference is obvious. The Hubble amplifies and magnifies beyond human vision capabilities. The powerful telescope reaches beyond the earth’s atmosphere, capturing vivid details, free and clear of the earth’s atmospheric distortions. ✨

Wasn’t that fun? Astronomy’s so neat. 

Now let’s connect this to brain science.

We’ve been studying brain disease as if we were trying to understand the stars by only looking up from ground level.

The earth’s atmosphere is similar to something called the blood-brain barrier. Since the diseases attack the brain, we need to get an up-close-and-personal look early, beyond that blood-brain barrier.

Remember the 80s movie INNERSPACE, where scientists minimized themselves and traveled throughout the body?

Fast forward three decades later, science fiction is now a scientific fact. Our scientists took a fascinating research journey, deep in the territory beyond the blood-brain barrier.

The result?

We invented biomarker testing for neurological disease! 

What makes biomarker testing a BIG DEAL?

It’s like this. Before we had these marvelous at-home pregnancy tests, we couldn’t determine with certainty that a baby was on the way. At least not until the tummy was clearly rounding out.

The doctor could guess, “I think you might be 45% pregnant, so we’re maybe close to congratulations, but don’t quote me on that.”

Thanks to the at-home tests, we don’t wonder anymore. And what are some benefits of knowing early?

  • Shop for deals on baby carriages. Trust us, sit down with a cup of tea and brace yourself. These things are pricey!😱

  • Choose paint colors for the baby room. Don’t think you’re getting away with simply “pink.” There are 50 + shades of pink! 🎨
  • Invite all extended family members to a baby-name fight night! 🥊
  • Open a College Savings Plan and casually mention it to grandparents so they’ll help fund it. 👵 👴🏽

Knowing Early Empowers Planning.  

It gives YOU control to navigate your brain care journey.  

why early testing

Knowing Early Empowers Planning.   It gives YOU control to navigate your brain care journey.  

We bet you know where this is going…

The way things are now with brain disease, doctors tell their patients:

It looks like you may have Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s, or some other brain disease. But I’m not 100% sure.” 

Does that sound familiar? Brain disease diagnosis has been mostly “maybes.”

Did you know that brain diseases are misdiagnosed 20 to 50% of the time?

Imagine how that adversely affects drug treatments for YOU! 

clinical test

Did you know that brain diseases are misdiagnosed 20 to 50% of the time?

Imagine how that adversely affects drug treatments for YOU! 

Well, we’re here to tell you that these conventional methods have expired.

Biomarker testing is the turning point in our fight to cripple the diseases that have crippled us. 

Doctors order a biomarker test and get an accurate diagnosis for their patients.

Most importantly, biomarker testing ensures an early-stage diagnosis.

How early?

Decades before patients show symptoms!

Why YOU are well-served by early testing

Some of these may seem obvious, but others might surprise you:
  • Get the correct drug treatment before the brain suffers much irreversible damage
  • Jumpstart lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, to slow/stop the onset of symptoms
  • Participate in clinical trials to stay on the cutting edge of cure discovery
  • Live a brighter, inspired, fuller life.🕺 👯‍♂️ 💃🏻
  • Make essential life plans

How YOU can help propel science towards a cure

Make a difference! By early testing for brain diseases, you actively take part in a global race to a cure. Every biomarker test illuminates the shadowy lair of brain disease. With sustained fresh intel, we’ll empower scientists to finally win the war! Armed with your personal biomarker test result, you can then choose the corresponding clinical studies.

Amprion’s technology helps drug researchers better match patients to the right clinical trials.

Here’s a constantly updated resource for active clinical trials around the world. As of April 2021, there are:


  • 35 openly recruiting clinical trials
  • 61 total active clinical trials


  • 491 openly recruiting
  • 789 total active


  • 513 openly recruiting
  • 837 total active

Total Active Clinical Trials is defined as:

  • Just announced
  • Actively recruiting
  • Enrolling by invitation
  • Fully recruited trials

How biomarker diagnosis helps doctors help YOU

Biomarker testing eliminates ambiguity, obscurity, uncertainty.

Doctors can now diagnose and treat patients with confidence.

Benefits of early treatment

Consider this:

  • Ideally, a patient receives the right drug at an early stage. This can slow the progression by 30%, delaying the disease’s onset by a decade or more.

  • In contrast, when the patient receives the same drug at the late stage, the benefit is minimal, if any.

  • Currently, if late-stage patients were administered a 100% effective drug, it cannot restore lost memories or bring back full awareness.

  • However, if these patients took the same drug early, they could retain their memories and awareness!

Early prevention has its benefits!

For instance, by delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s just 5 years, the number of people affected plummets 42%! 🤯

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