Parkinson's Test

Our breakthrough SYNTap Biomarker Test helps doctors diagnose Parkinson’s by detecting misfolded Synuclein associated with Lewy bodies.


What is the SYNTap Test For Parkinson's?

Our SYNTap Test tracks misfolded Synuclein aggregates, the biomarker associated with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). This Test helps doctors in the clinical diagnosis of PD.

Who should take the SYNTap Test for Parkinson's?

This biomarker test benefits people who show:

  1. Early motor symptoms and/or movement disorders, which could indicate Parkinson’s.
  2. Prodromal signs of Parkinson’s, including loss of taste and/or smell or severe sleep disorders.
  3. Signs of a progressive autonomic disorder including fainting spells, heart rate irregularities, and bladder control loss.

What are the key benefits?

The SYNTap Test offers these major benefits as it helps:

  • Enable doctors to diagnose Parkinson’s accurately.
  • Reduce the risk of misdiagnosis, leading to more effective treatments.
  • Direct people with PD to the right clinical trials.
  • Assemble a better care team. 
  • Accelerate scientific innovation for personalized treatment.

Molecular diagnosis is the vital step to personalized medicine for Parkinson’s.

How the SYNTap Test For PD works

After a decade of diligent development in our lab, the basic testing process is:

  1. The doctor orders the test and submits a few drops of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF),
  2. Our lab tests the sample for misfolded Synuclein,
  3. The doctor receives the lab result within two weeks.

Why use CSF instead of blood?

CSF testing offers the highest accuracy and reliability. How?

Our research shows that misfolded proteins happen early in the brain. So when they are detectable in blood, it is highly likely that the disease has progressed to a later stage.

What does a negative SYNTap Test result mean?

A negative SYNTap Test indicates there is an absence of Synuclein aggregates in the CSF sample.

As such, it means the person has a low probability (about 5%) of having PD at the time of testing. 


This diagnostic test identifies misfolded Synuclein, the biomarker associated with PD. Sign up to receive information about the test. 

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