Parkinson's Test

Doctors have long sought conclusive confirmation when they suspect Parkinson’s. How long? More than 200 years! Finally, Amprion’s SYNTap™ biomarker test diagnoses Parkinson’s EARLY! Decades before symptoms.

What is the SYNTap test?

It’s a test tracing Parkinson’s biomarker, misfolded Synuclein (aka alpha-Synuclein), which drives the progression of PD. Detecting the disease on the molecular level provides doctors accurate diagnoses at the earliest stages. 

Who should take this test?

This test benefits the people who show:

  1. Early motor symptoms and/or movement disorders that could indicate Parkinson’s.

  2. Prodromal signs of Parkinson’s, including loss of taste and/or smell or severe sleep disorders.

  3. Signs of a progressive autonomic disorder including fainting spells, heart rate irregularities, and bladder control loss.

What are the key benefits?

First and foremost, this biomarker test allows for PD early diagnosis. It is paramount to ascertain early whether the patient has Parkinson’s because later in its natural disease progression, patients suffer significant, irreparable damage, including cognitive loss.  

During Parkinson’s early stages, treatment choices are abundant and are more likely to be effective. However, diagnosing Parkinson’s in the early stages has been impossible until now.

This biomarker test, at last, empowers doctors to diagnose Parkinson’s at a molecular level.

This enables proper treatment plans early when the patients are most responsive. We want to give people maximum quality of life.

How the test works

It’s pretty simple now (after a decade of strenuous development in our lab) 👨‍🔬👩‍🔬 😀

  • Your doctor submits a drop of your cerebrospinal fluid (CSF),

  • We test your sample for misfolded Synuclein,

  • Your doctor gets the result within a week. 

Click to see this simple process illustrated in an infographic.

Why use CSF instead of blood?

CSF test offers the distinct benefit of reliable, EARLY detection. Why?

Because if misfolded proteins are detectable in blood, this means the notorious troublemakers have breached the blood-brain barrier, spreading throughout the body.

This is far too late! 

What does a negative test mean?

Having a negative test result simply rules out Parkinson’s, even though the patient may show motor symptoms.

It is recommended that doctors continue monitoring their patient’s disease development by taking the same test within 12 -24 months as a routine check-up.

This biomarker test is an excellent way to monitor the on-going health of the brain. 

Positive Effect of CSF Testing

Parkinson’s was first observed in 1817. We’ve been at war now fighting this disease for over 200 years.

To defeat the dark force, we need to travel beyond enemy lines to gather intel and formulate our battle plans.

Every biomarker test blasts a blazing light, illuminating the shadowy land of PD. With this ongoing reconnaissance, we’ll empower science to finally find a cure!

parkinson's test


This Parkinson’s test traces misfolded Synuclein and detects it decades before symptoms!!!  Sign up for email alerts on testing availability. 🔬 📋

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