Our Mission

Amprion revolutionizes diagnosis for brain diseases. Through molecular testing, we accelerate medical science for personalized medicine. 

Our Goals

As a leader in Prion Detection Science, we believe precision medicine is the new frontier. Through our work, we strive to positively impact brain disease research and treatment as the world population ages rapidly.

Prevention is the secret to health and wellness.

Our Story

Here is a timeline of Amprion’s evolving scientific journey. 

Timeline 2007
vid origin story 1

Once Upon A Time

Neuroscientist Claudio Soto teams up with molecular pathologist Dr. Russ Lebovitz to cofound Amprion. Their mission: to help detect and eliminate Madcow Disease, aka Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). Dr. Soto began developing a test assay to detect the prions, aka misfolded proteins, the bad actors driving CJD.

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Timeline 2010
Amprion hero images 33.png Source UTH Technology developed by Claudio Soto PhD can detect misfolded proteins associated with brain diseases. Photo credit Alex Luster with The Storyhive w6aztvvvzxe 1

The Pivot

Luckily for the humans, Madcow disease dissipates. The Company pivots as the scientists pondered on a fateful question: What if there was a parallel between the misfolded proteins in Madcow disease and the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or other neurodegenerative disorders?

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Timeline 2013
Amprion hero images batch 2 17.png Amprion hero images 79.png Amprion hero images 18.png 1

An Aha Moment!

An “Aha!” moment arrives when Dr. Soto proves in his lab that there is indeed a similarity and develops a molecular technology to detect the misfolded protein, Abeta, a biomarker found in most Alzheimer’s patients.

Learn About Our Science
Amprion Icon 2014
Amprion hero images 6.png

Amprion Was Born!

The Company expanded on Dr. Soto’s technology to detect other misfolded proteins, including Synuclein and Tau. Both types of prions are found in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patients.

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Timeline 2015
Amprion hero images batch 2 15.png Amprion hero images 95.png Amprion hero images batch 2 37.png

Our Mission

Amprion embarks on a new mission: To provide clinical tests for doctors to accurately diagnose Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ParkinZheimer spectrum diseases.

How Amprion Helps YOU
Timeline 2017
Amprion Science Lab Scientist Luis Concha Early Detection 03 copy Amprion hero images batch 2 29.png Amprions Science Accelerates Drug Development for Alzhiemers Disease.png

Our Science

Amprion builds an R&D lab, further enhancing its proprietary Prion Testing TechnologySM.

How We Help Doctors Help YOU
Timeline 2018
Misfolded Protein Aggregates Mechanisms for Disease Transmission 2 1 2 transmissible proteins 2 1 1 Biochemical Test Shows Promise for Diagnosing Parkinsons Disease

Scientists at work

Team Amprion establishes a new clinical laboratory, a state-of-the-art diagnostics lab, run by a full stack of talented scientists, experts, and professionals, not to mention advanced robotics when the humans are off the clock.

Benefits of Biomarker Testing
Timeline 2019
synuclein diagnosis of Parkinson 2 Science Lab

FDA Breakthrough Designation

The US FDA awards Amprion Breakthrough Device Designation to detect misfolded Synuclein, a biomarker for Parkinson’s. We (and our robots) cheer!

Watch FDA Breakthrough Designation
Timeline Feb 2020
Feb 2020
Early Detection of Alzheimers Disease by Analyzing Spinal Fluid

Breakthrough Publishing

Dr. Soto publishes a landmark article in Nature, bolstering the Company’s Prion Testing Technology in distinguishing between different misfolded Synuclein structures related to Parkinson’s and Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). 

Read Our Research Blog On PD Diagnosis
Timeline 2020
Amprion hero images 40.png Amprion hero images 78.png Amprion hero images 67.png

Push Cure Thru Covid!

Team Amprion, wearing masks and standing 6-feet apart, worked through the Covid-pandemic. The team reaches a significant milestone—meeting all approval requirements for CLIA, preparing Amprion to market various clinical tests for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Discover How Amprion Helps YOU!
Timeline 2021
Amprion hero images 92.png Amprion hero images 56.png Amprion hero images batch 2 24.png Amprion hero images 7.png Amprion hero images batch 2 2.png

Test For Parkinson's & LBD

We’re gearing up for the commercial launch of our first biomarker test to diagnose Parkinson’s, Lewy Body Dementia (LBD), by detecting misfolded Synuclein via CSF. Testing will be available by Q2 2021.

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