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SYNTap® Biomarker Test helps doctors identify underlying synucleinopathy in patient evaluation for Alzheimer’s. Using cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), the test tracks misfolded Synuclein.

Studies show up to 40% of Alzheimer’s patients have misfolded Synuclein in their brains, which may affect the course of the disease.


The SYNTap Test revolutionizes LBD diagnosis. This test helps doctors in diagnosing Lewy Body Dementia by tracking the key biomarker, misfolded Synuclein. 

A recently discovered brain disease, LBD has sadly only been diagnostically confirmed through autopsy. This test is a game-changer in LBD diagnosis.


The SYNTap Test helps doctors diagnose Parkinson’s Disease (PD) by identifying misfolded Synuclein, a biomarker associated with the disease.

Doctors have long sought molecular diagnostic tools when they suspect PD. By tracking the biomarker, we help accelerate research to find cures.

Read the FAQ to learn more about our SYNTap Test.

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Currently, Amprion offers this test on a self-pay basis. We provide financial assistance programs for those who are eligible. In addition, we’re working hard to establish reimbursement from insurance providers, Medicare, and Medicaid. This test is available throughout the US, except in New York.

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SYNTap® Biomarker Test
Frequently Asked Questions

The SYNTap Biomarker Test is a breakthrough test exclusively offered by Amprion. It is not currently covered by private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. At present, Amprion does not submit claims to insurance companies. Therefore, patients are responsible for the cost of the test.

During this early release of the SYNTap Test, we are only accepting direct-bill or self-pay patients. For this period, the cost of the test is $1,500.

Medicare does not currently cover the SYNTap Biomarker Test. Medicare patients must complete the Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) acknowledging that you are responsible for the cost of the test. The ABN must be signed and sumbited prior to the test being performed.  

The SYNTap Test is available throughout the US, except in New York. We are working hard to bringing NY online as soon as possible.

Patients can make a payment via one of the following options:


  • Credit care
  • Call 1-800-878-7561 (M-F 7 AM – 5 PM MST)
  • Go to to make an online payment
  • Regular mail

For questions, please email:

Yes, we offer payment plans and financial assistance. For details, please get in touch with our billing department.

Telephone:  1-800-878-7561 (M-F 7AM – 5PM MST)


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